The plastic injection process and its associated mould sector is one of the product manufacturing processes that most requires qualified personnel. The high quality and multipurpose requirements mean that professionals must know the different phases involved in obtaining injected parts that meet the established quality criteria.This requires that the industry professionals associated with the production of injection moulded parts have adequate technical knowledge of all the materials and processes involved, enabling them to respond to this need for companies.

What Will I learn?
  • Basics of Plastic Injection Molding Parts
  • Types of Plastic Injection Molding Parts
  • Hands on experience

Career Options
  • Injection Molding Machine Operator
  • Mold Setter
  • Material Handler for Injection Molding
  • Plastic Mold Assembler


  • Hand Tools
  • Machine Operation
  • Computer Skills
  • Tool Maintenance

As per the Industry standards